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WPARIS For Women Perfume


It will be indispensable for men and you will be noticed and admired in every environment you enter with the impressive WPARIS For Women Perfume.


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What is WPARIS For Woman Pheromone Perfume What does it do?

The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek goddess herself, the symbol of pleasure, skin, and spiritual love. Aphrodisiac is a general concept that includes all sexual stimulants. Ingredients with aphrodisiac properties are believed to increase sexual excitement, potency, desire and pleasure. Perfumes with aphrodisiac content help sexual arousal, allowing the opposite sex to notice you and come to enjoy you.

How Do Women Who Use WPARIS For Woman Aphrodisiac Perfume Affect Men?

Perfumes containing an aphrodisiac scent are noticed by the nose in the environments you enter by men and reach the brain with scent receptors. The brain is the main source of every emotion, desire, excitement. This odor transmitted to the brain is commanded by the brain (just like the desire to eat when we are hungry), and the body secretes the hormone Pheromone. This hormone is also known as the “Love Hormone”. When this chemical cycle occurs, it will be indispensable for men and you will be noticed and admired in every environment you enter with the impressive WParis Women fragrance.

Perfume of those who want to be noticed: Wparis Aphrodisiac Extrait De Parfüm For Women

*The eyes will be on you in all environments you enter with its high rate of pure aphrodisiac essence.

*The charm it will provide with its scent developed by the perfumer Chemist will make you indispensable.

*Wparis Women increases the depth of emotion by influencing your partner with its high quality suitable for women's use.

* As a result of the tests carried out in R&D studies, 94 percent of approximately 50 women using Wparis Women stated that they were found attractive by men with their scent.

*Wparis Women Perfume Fragrance Pyramids; It gives a soft oriental woody scent with Passionflower, Vanilla, Vetiver, Jasmine, Floral, Fruit Fragrances.

*Barcode: 8681277185939

*Average Persistence: 48 Hours
*Average Noticeable Distance: 4-5 meters
*Average Usage Time: 2-3 months

Perfume Spray Areas:

In women: The chest area and neck area are the ideal areas for a lasting fragrance.

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