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WPARIS Beard Perfume


You will feel two effects at the same time with WPARIS Beard Perfume, which we designed for men who care about their care.


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WPARIS Aphrodisiac Effective Beard Perfume

You will feel two effects at the same time with Wparis Beard Perfume, which we designed for men who care about their care. Its content, which is compatible with the scent of WParis Aphrodisiac For Men, will also make a difference to your partner in close contact.

Perfumed Beard Serum Effect

The natural extracts, oils and various actives in its content deeply nourish the beard roots. The nourished and repaired beard roots are revived. These components give a feeling of shine and softness by caring for beard roots just like beard serum.

Aphrodisiac effect:

Perfumes with aphrodisiac content help sexual arousal, allowing the opposite sex to notice you and come to enjoy you. In close contact, pure aphrodisiac essence adds charm to your charm. It is compatible with WParis Aphrodisiac For Men Perfume fragrance that you will use. It makes you feel an aphrodisiac effect on your beard just like your body.

*The eyes will be on you in all environments you enter with its high rate of pure aphrodisiac essence.

*The charm it will provide with its scent developed by the perfumer Chemist will make you indispensable.

*Wparis Serum Effective Beard Perfume increases the depth of emotion by influencing your partner with its high quality suitable for men's use.

* As a result of the tests carried out in R&D studies, approximately 94 percent of men who use Wparis Beard Perfume are found attractive by women with its scent, while at the same time, they stated that their beards are bright and lively.

*Wparis Beard Perfume Fragrance Pyramids; It gives a Woody Aromatic scent with Benzoin, Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Red Apple, Vanilla, Bourban Pepper.

Barcode: 8681277185953

*Our products are T.C. Ministry of Health Notified.

* You can go to link and search for our products with barcode number.

*Our site is registered to ETBIS.

*Average Persistence: 24 Hours
*Average Noticeable Distance: 1 meter
*Average Usage Time: 2-3 months

Beard Perfume Usage Information:

It is used by spraying an amount on the beard area from afar.

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