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Viaxi Intimate FemiWash 100 ml


Viaxi Intimate FemiWash can also be used for other sensitive areas of the body. The unique formula of Viaxi Intimate FemiWash provides a silky softness on your skin.


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Viaxi Intimate Femiwash Intim Genital Area Cleaning Foam

Viaxi Intimate FemiWash cleans and refreshes the genital area. With the lactic acid in its content, it helps to preserve the natural structure of the external genital area by maintaining the acidic environment in the genital area at an optimum level.

It is extremely soft and safe even for the most sensitive tissues and never irritates. Viaxi Intimate FemiWash is ideal for your daily genital area cleaning. It does not contain soap and is pH balanced in terms of natural flora.

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