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Viaxi BIZZZ Vibration Ring


Viaxi BIZZZ, which helps delay the period of premature ejaculation in men with its vibration to the erogenous zones, helps to provide clitoral stimulation in women.


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Color the Night, Make It Fun, Make Your Partner Happy..

Viaxi BIZZZ is a battery-operated ring-shaped vibrating stimulant that couples use together to achieve greater pleasure during sexual intercourse. Viaxi BIZZZ, which strengthens sexual communication, increases the feeling of trust and makes this sharing effective for both parties, is thanks to the simulation made in the erogenous zones.

Thanks to the special design of Viaxi BIZZZ, it helps delay the premature ejaculation period in men, while it provides a more comfortable orgasm in women thanks to strong vibrations that facilitate clitoral stimulation.

A happy togetherness; increases at the height of sexual satisfaction. The excitement and pleasure among the couples who choose to use Viaxi BIZZZ will be at the maximum level. Every next experience will be a fun experience for couples, as it will cause different feelings, different excitements and orgasm in each use.

Viaxi BIZZZ makes sexual intercourse both more enjoyable and fun by stimulating sensitive areas. Also; It is among the most preferred products by women who want to experience more intense orgasms on their own.
Viaxi BIZZZ, which is highly used by couples, is the most popular vibration ring of recent times.

Viaxi BIZZZ is recommended for patients with Vaginusmus for therapy purposes.


The chamber, covered with a plastic protective sheath, is safely powered by a small battery.
Its soft, high-quality plastic construction provides an extremely comfortable use.
The specially designed stimulating head part stimulates sensitive areas in women and allows them to enjoy the relationship more.
Thanks to its flexible ring, it fits any penis size.
The bubbly ring does not slip, it stays in its original state until the end of the relationship.
It helps to prolong the relationship up to about 20 minutes.
It can be used easily with a condom and it is recommended to use it with a condom.
Ring diameter is 25mm for satisfaction in sexual intercourse.

User guide:

Carefully unpack the Viaxi BIZZZ.

It is recommended to use condoms with Viaxi BIZZZ. Place a condom on the penis. Make sure the unwrapped part is facing out and put on the condom.

Slide the Viaxi BIZZZ over the erect penis until it reaches the bottom of the penis.

Make sure the Viaxi BIZZZ is placed in the upward position.

Press the button lightly to start the vibration during sexual intercourse. Viaxi BIZZZ will provide a continuous vibration until its battery dies.

In case of numbness as a result of continuous vibration, it is recommended to turn it on and off at regular intervals in order to obtain maximum pleasure in line with your personal preferences.

After use, wrap the condom and Viaxi BIZZZ in paper towels or toilet paper and throw it in the trash. Don't flush it down the toilet.


Viaxi BIZZZ is for pleasure and entertainment. It is not used for medicinal purposes.
Do not share or share Viaxi BIZZZ with others.
Do not attempt to make any changes to Viaxi BIZZZ.
The average battery life of Viaxi BIZZZ is 60 minutes.

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