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Protime Men 5000 mg 30 sachets


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Protime Men 5000 mg 30 sachets

The most effective compounds in achieving the desired levels of sperm motility, number and structure.

Red Korean Ginseng
Smashing The Shepherd
Traditional herbal supplement with powerful antioxidant properties

They are effective in supporting sexual functions with an aphrodisiac effect.
They increase the level of testosterone
They increase sexual energy, libido and physical energy.
It November Novemberric oxide levels, dilates the vessels and allows more nutrients to be transported to the muscles, relaxes the muscles.

The Recommended Daily Intake Dose of the Active Substance is the amount/mg BRD for 1 chassis (5000mg) BRD
L-Karnitin 1000 mg -
L-Arjinin 350 mg -
Vitamin E 120 mg (α TE) 1000
Vitamin C 250 mg 344
Koenzim Q 10 150 mg -
Glutatyon 75 mg -
Red Korean Ginseng Extract 70 mg -
Epimedium sp. Extract 65 mg -
Çoban Çökerten Extract 65 mg -
Çinko 15 mg 150
Vitamin A 1000 µg RE 313
Vitamin B12 10 µg 400
Vitamin B6 7 mg 357
Vitamin D3 10 µg 200
Folik asit 400 µg 200
Selenyum 50 µg 91

Protime Men is a combination of antioxidant, amino acid and herbal extract that supports the reduction of oxidative stress and ROS (reactive oxidative stress) damages in male reproductive health and thus the improvement of reproductive health quality.

Who wants to have children
Having problems with sperm parameters
It is recommended for people who need an increase in the quality of reproductive health.
The Recommended Daily Intake Dose is:

For adults, it is recommended to consume 1 SACHET (5,000mg) per day mixed with 300ml of water.

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