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Penextender Special Gel For Men


More effective results can be achieved when used with a medical penis pump. Penextender Special Gel For Men has been produced in Turkey in accordance with the Ministry of Health's Cosmetic Regulation Communiqué.


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Penextender Special Gel For Men Penis Cream should be used once a day thanks to its concentrated formula. It can be used with penis pumps to achieve more effective results. It does not contain any chemical raw material that may adversely affect human health. It is a product registered in the Product Tracking System with the barcode number 8682768321300. Made in Turkey. It is sold in a 50 ML tube with a safety cap and in its box.

Usage of Penextender Special Gel For Me:

Due to its concentrated content, it is sufficient to use it once a day, unlike its competitors. Before use, it is recommended to clean the genital area with a wet wipe in order to achieve better results. The gel will be able to progress faster through the pores opened in this way.

After the cleaning process, a chickpea-sized cream should be fed to the long part of the penis by massaging. When the massage is done for an average of 1-2 minutes, the absorption process will be successful. Thanks to its special formula, there is no need to wash the genitals after use.

It is recommended that our customers who want to use it with a penis pump apply the gel after using the pump.

Warning and Side Effects:

My Penextender Penis Cream has no known side effects. It needs to be protected from sunlight and it is suitable to be stored at room temperature. Suitable for external use, inedible, avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children. When an unexpected side effect is observed, please stop using it and apply to the nearest health institution with the product content.

It is inconvenient to use on irritated and open wounds. It is specially produced for the genital area of ​​men only, and it is not recommended to be used on any other limb.

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