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Bilge Kozmetik
Bilge Kozmetik

Matcha Premium Japanese


Refresh yourself every day with Detox Matcha Tea, the choice of Turkey with strawberry flavor.


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You can consume it once a day, regardless of whether you are hungry or full (Analyzed according to user comments that it is more effective on an empty stomach).

Preparation of Antioxidant Detox Burner Matcha Tea:

Small Bowl of Yogurt

1 Cup of Hot Water

1 Glass of Milk

Or you can use it with the Matcha Latte recipe that you will prepare yourself in the form of Matcha Latte.

Usage and detailed information are available on the box.


Green Tea (Matcha) 70%, Spirulina, Senna (Cinemaki), Strawberry Flavor (Flavor from Aroma)

1 Box- 20 Pieces x 10-8gr Chassis.

1 Box: Between 160-200gr.

Storage Conditions:

Store in a dry and cool environment, away from sunlight.

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