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Power Pomegranate Extract Honey Mixture


This product has been produced in Talya facilities in cooperation with universities, which have GMP, Halal, Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015) and Food Safety Management System (ISO22000:2005) certificates.


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Usage Information:

It is recommended to consume one teaspoon twice a day, before meals. Mix before use.


Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes. Those who are sensitive to bee products may experience an allergic reaction. Children under 1 year old should not be fed honey.


Pine Honey (90%), Pomegranate Fruit (5.5%), St. John's Wort Oil, Daily/Sgum Tree Resin, Pomegranate Fruit Extract (0.5%), Licorice Root, Pollen, Propolis Extract, Fennel Fruit, Turmeric Smell.

It is produced in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex. Recommended Consumption Date (TETT) and Lot No. is on the packaging. It should be consumed within 1 year after the lid is opened. It does not contain additives and preservatives. Business Registration No: TR-07-K-046168

This product is manufactured in Talya facilities, which is in cooperation with universities, and has GMP, Halal, Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015) and Food Safety Management System (ISO22000:2005) certificates. which has GMP, Halal, Quality Management System (ISO9001: 2015) and Food Safety Management System (ISO22000: 2005) certificates.

Enerji ve Besin Öğeleri

Energy and Nutrients

100 g için

for 100 g

Enerji / Energy 220.7 kcal / 937.98kj

Yağ / Fat

-Doymuş Yağ / Saturated Fat


0,15 g

Karbonhidrat / Carbohydrate

-Şekerler /Sugars 

54,23 g

54,23 g

Protein / Protein

Tuz / Salt

1,35 g

0 g

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