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Donna Glove
Donna Glove

Donna Glove Breast Mass Detection Gloves


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Donna Glove Breast Mass Detection Gloves

Breast Mass Detection Gloves Donna Glove
Wouldn't you like to detect a small mass in the breast in time?
Donna Glove® is a brand new invention to help you perform breast self-exam effectively.
Donna Glove® Breast Mass Detection Glove
It is a very sensitive breast control glove that sometimes helps to detect newly developed masses as small as a sesame or granulated sugar grain in the breast. This device increases the sensitivity between the user's fingers 3 to 5 times more. It is designed to detect rice grain sized breast lumps that are difficult to detect with the bare hand. With its patented structure, it is based on magnifying palpation (hand examination) effect and provides comfortable movement by reducing friction. It prevents the masses from moving while pressing the breast. It allows for a more concrete and distinct touch.
  This greatly magnified effect of palpation is not possible with bare-handed self-examination.

What is Donna Glove®?
Donna Glove® is a plastic glove containing light mineral oil. The Donna Glove® is designed as a palm-sized glove that acts as a tool for performing breast self-exams.

How does Donna Glove® work?
Breast examination is extremely easy with the udder control glove, Donna Glove®. It works on a scientific principle aimed at expansion and lockdown. It widens its sensitivity for movement during breast examination and reduces friction. It can help diagnose breast masses at an early stage without any discomfort or side effects.

It is very easy and safe to use. It offers a more practical and faster test opportunity during self-examination. This new and preventive kit saves lives by helping to detect very small breast masses that may be cancerous at an early stage. If any abnormality is detected, it is recommended that you consult your doctor immediately before it is too late.

It is recommended that you use this device at the Breast Screening Clinic and as part of your regular check-ups with your doctor.

Donna Glove® is a worldwide patented product.

What is Donna Glove® intended use and features?

The purpose of the Donna Glove is to provide an effective device that can be easily used with one hand while being worn like a glove, increasing the sense of touch and palpation.

Its main purpose is to increase the sense of touch when performing breast self-examination, providing a highly enlarged palpation (touch examination by hand).

Donna Glove® consists of three layers of polyurethane membrane, upper, middle and lower layers.
The top layer and middle layer are designed as three sides closed and one side open. Thus, it has the shape of a palm-sized glove. It is in the form of a closed bag with transparent mineral oil in the middle and bottom layer. The mineral oil in this part acts as a lubricant that provides frictionless movement. It also acts as a catalyst to increase tactile sensation and effective enlarged palpation.

The use of Donna Glove® increases the feeling of weaving and offers convenience in application. It is useful because it can be used with one hand by wearing it like a glove. Donna Glove® is nontoxic. It does not leave any residue on the user's hands or the touched object. Therefore, it has the ability to be used again and again.

Technical information:
Donna Glove® is for external use only.
It does not contain any toxic ingredients harmful to the human body.
It is a colorless, transparent and tasteless polyurethane membrane.
Donna Glove® contains *mineral oil liquid in it.
It maintains its properties at temperatures between -20°C and 120°C.
The expiry date is at least 2 (two) years.
It is resistant to 80 kg power and pressure application.

*The liquid contained in the glove is a NF 18 light mineral oil that complies with the 93/4ZIEEC EC directives (European Conformity) as well as the necessary FDA requirements.

Washing instructions
  Wash the glove only in boiled water at a temperature that will not burn the hands.

Where is Donna Glove® manufactured and what is its working principle?
Donna Glove®, produced by the Italian company Poggio Fiorito SRL, is a self-examination glove made of polyurethane containing NF 18, a light mineral oil, approved by the CE certificate and FDA, in accordance with European Standards.
Donna Glove® has the success of detecting masses the size of a grain of granulated sugar, which are almost impossible to detect by touching them with bare hands. On the other hand, it increases the sensitivity 3 or 5 times more than the bare hand, on the other hand, it increases the resistance for better breast movement during the medical examination. This system works based on the scientific principles of blocking and amputation.

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