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Cosmed Revolution Detoxing Eye Contour Serum 15 ml


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Cosmed Revolution Detoxing Eye Contour Serum 15 ml

It is a moisturizing serum suitable for people who have under-eye bruises and bagging problems.
Caffeine has positive effects on under-eye bruises and bags by supporting the circulation in the under-eye area and preventing the development of edema and inflammation.
The skin-compatible and highly absorbable form of vitamin C, stabilized vitamin C (VC-IP), provides long-term use without oxidation. In addition to its strong antioxidant capacity and participation in collagen production, it is effective on the mechanism of stain formation.
Hyaluronic acid, which has a high water holding capacity, creates an ideal base for make-up as well as moisturizing with its plumping and smoothing effect.
Ash tree extract (Vitamin P) and horse chestnut have a protective effect on the circulatory system and are powerful antioxidants.
Glycolic acid, which makes the skin surface smooth and alive, supports the skin's self-renewal.


Gently apply around the eyes in circular motions. It cannot be rinsed. It is suitable for day and night use. A minimum of 6 months of use is recommended.


12 months after opening

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