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Bioxcin Biotin Nourishing Daily Care Shampoo 300 ml


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Bioxcin Biotin Nourishing Daily Care Shampoo 300 ml

High Concentration Biotin Loading With Each Wash

With the vitamins and minerals in Bioxcin Biotin Shampoo, it nourishes the hair and makes the hair lively, strong and healthy. Biotin creates the necessary healthy environment for new hair formation, increases the amount of hair and thickens the hair strands by nourishing the hair follicles.

Dermatologically tested.
It does not contain allergens originating from perfume, it is hypoallergenic.
It is suitable for use on sensitive scalp.
Its pH is compatible with hair and skin pH.
Does not contain SLES and Paraben.
It is suitable for use after hair transplantation.
Biotin Shampoo for Vibrant Hair
Hair care is very important for both women and men. However, many people face many hair problems such as shedding and dandruff. You may have to resort to many ways to avoid such problems. However, many shampoos may cause more damage to the hair instead of renewing it due to its chemical content. At this point, what kind of shampoo to use is a very important issue. Biotin shampoo supports your hair in this process.

Bioxcin shampoo is one of the highly effective products for hair. In particular, it plays a great role in the regeneration and maintenance of lifeless hair. With its natural ingredients, it both nourishes the hair and helps it grow in a healthy way. In addition to these, it helps to eliminate any problems that may be encountered not only on the hair, but also on the scalp. Bioxcin hair shampoo, which can give definite results with regular use, also includes serums that can be used by both men and women for hair and scalp care. In this way, there will be a visible effect on both the hair and the scalp.

Apply to wet hair by gently massaging, leave the shampoo in your hair for a minute or two and then rinse thoroughly.
It is suitable for daily use.
Continuous use is recommended due to its positive results against intense hair loss.

Vitamin B Complex:
Vitamin B7 (BIOTIN) improves the natural resistance of the skin and prevents premature hair loss. Its deficiency can cause hair loss and dermatitis. It has an important place in the hair growth cycle and provides elasticity to the hair.

Vitamin B6 is essential for healthy hair growth. Its deficiency can result in hair loss. It prevents the formation of dandruff by reducing the irritation and itching on the scalp and contributes to the formation of healthy hair and scalp.

While suppressing sebum production, Vitamin B3 improves the barrier function of the skin by preventing transepidermal water loss from the skin surface, thus increasing the resistance of the scalp against external factors and preventing the loss of moisture in the scalp.

Vitamin B5 has protective effects against skin irritation, increases the moisture content of the cortex by penetrating the hair shaft, and also improves the elasticity of the skin.

Vitamin B1 supports the development of a healthy nervous system and cardiovascular function of the body.
Piroctone Olamine destroys the fungal infection responsible for dandruff and prevents the formation of new dandruff.
Calms the skin. It strengthens and moisturizes the barrier function, especially in dry skin. While helping to protect healthy skin, it provides regeneration of irritated and worn skin, has an irritation-reducing effect. It increases the softness of the skin by removing the dead cells on the skin.

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