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Bepanthol Anti Scar Gel 20 gr


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Bepanthol Anti Scar Gel 20 gr

The provitamin B5 in Bepanthol® Anti-Scar Gel Massage Ball helps to maintain the moisture balance of your skin by keeping the water in the skin.

Bepanthol®Anti-Scar Gel

There is a risk of scarring when the wound affects the deep layers of the skin, but with the right support, its final appearance can be made the best possible.

The innovative formula of Bepanthol®Anti-Scar Gel has been specially designed to help prevent and remove scars that may occur after surgery or injury.

Using Bepanthol®Anti-Scar Gel

Wounds that have been closed for less than a month:

Make sure the wound is completely closed. Do not use Bepanthol®Anti-Scar Gel on an open wound.
Wash your hands for a clean application.
Apply the gel to the scar in a gentle circular motion with your finger. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to sensitive skin.
Apply twice a day for at least two months.
Wounds that have been closed for more than a month:

Since the skin will be less sensitive at this stage, you can use the massage ball that comes with Bepanthol®Anti-Scar Gel.

Make sure your hands and the massage ball are clean.
Use the massage ball to gently massage the wound with little pressure.
Apply the gel after the massage.
Continue this twice a day for at least two months.
When not to use Bepanthol®Anti-Scar Gel?

Do not use on open wounds and mucous membranes (eg, in the mouth-nose).
Do not use around eyes.
Do not use if you have a known allergy to any of its ingredients.
For external use only.
Product Details:
One of the factors that make scars more visible is dry skin, so one of the best things you can do to minimize the appearance of scars is to keep the dry skin area moist. Bepanthol® Anti-Scar Gel forms a silicone film on the wound surface to reduce water loss. As a wound heals, tissue produces collagen—excess collagen can lead to excess scarring or hypertrophic (elevated) scars. Keeping the skin moist can help reduce collagen buildup. In addition, the massage ball that comes with Bepanthol® Anti-Scar Gel helps break collagen fibers through mechanical stimulation.

Bepanthol®Anti-Scar Gel was developed in the light of recent recommendations on scar formation and management. It helps reduce red, raised scarring in three ways;

Special silicone gel creates a film layer that closes the scar, helps to maintain the moisture balance by preventing the newly formed skin from drying out.
Humidifiers such as panthenol help support moisture balance.
The massage ball helps to break up the collagen fibers in the skin in old scars.
Bepanthol® Anti-Scar Gel:

It helps to reduce the red and puffy appearance of scars.
It helps reduce itching.
It moisturizes the skin.
It can be used in adults and children.

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