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The Importance of Trademarks and Patents in Personal Care Products

Today, with technology, there is a wide variety of products. In particular, there is an incredible variety of personal care products. As the variety of products that enter our lives increases, the importance of reliability and quality for the products in question increases to a great extent.

Productions on a patented product without the consent of the patent owner; Penal sanctions exist for various commercial activities such as exports and imports.

At this point, it is an important issue that the product to be preferred should not have any negative effects on health and that it has a reliable feature in order to reveal the expected result. At this point, there are advantages of owning trademarks and patents.

Importance of Trademark and Patent

There is a wide variety of personal care products produced for men and women in the market. However, unfortunately, not every product available in the market is reliable and harmless in terms of health. At this point, the existence of a guarantee that gives confidence to both the producer and the consumer plays an important role. Having a trademark and a patent has important advantages in this regard. These;

- It offers a significant confidence to the consumer.

- It helps to distinguish between brands and services.

- It has a significant effect on the consumer's product preference.

- Increases product sales.

- The fact that the product is reliable also allows a positive thought to show itself in the mind of the consumer.

- It is a sign that the product is healthy and reliable.

Undoubtedly, the most important point in owning a trademark and a patent is to ensure that the product or service can be distinguished from its counterparts. In this way, brand and patent holders reach more consumers than similar products and are preferred.

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