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Dealership Application

Turkish Unique Dealership Network and Sales Points

Our company, which brings you original and quality products as the official brand owner of Turkey, is able to provide the best service to our customers thanks to its wide sales network at many points. Our company, which has one of the largest dealer networks in our sector, ensures that original products are delivered to you as soon as possible thanks to the wide network we have created for our customers. We deliver our products, all of which have been checked by the Ministry, and which have nothing to risk your health, to our valued customers. You can choose our high quality and original products by staying away from unsafe, counterfeit and counterfeit products in the market. You can sell a healthy product through our company.

You Can Earn More Profits As Our Dealer

On this page, where our dealers located in many points of Turkey and in 32 different countries will be listed, you can easily reach our original products and contact us by learning the address of our nearest dealer. Thanks to the special system we have prepared for our dealers, we offer you all kinds of support during the supply process of the product and after the sale, and we support you at all times. Being aware of the problems that you, our esteemed sellers, have experienced during the original product supply stages, we invite you to comfortably supply original products.

You Can Take Advantage of Affiliate Affiliate

We offer special services for you, our valued sales partners, to increase their sales rates and to have a say in the market. By choosing our company, you can be a part of our family. We invite you to become a dealer of our company, which officially carries out its work, and to take advantage of the advantages we offer for our dealers. By working together, you can apply for a dealership to earn more.

Click the Link for Dealership Application; https://www.turkishunique.com/yeni-uye

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